Scared and silent

I've been contemplating a lot. I realised that deep down I'm just scared. Scared of people leaving me, scared of failing, scared of not being able to perform well, scared of not living up to people's nominal expectations, scared of something happening to my dog, just scared of every possible thing. For a long time... Continue Reading →

What do you do when…?

Life is never easy for anyone. Everyone has their own challenges and their fears. Moreover, everyone has their own ways to deal with them. Recently, I've been living almost like a robot, fixing a time for everything and following that schedule. I don't really get breathers unless I'm on call with one of the few... Continue Reading →

When I’m gone – II

When I'm gone, the world will mostly forget me,But for some, I'd alive forever be. Some will sigh, some will mourn,But none will shed a tear, that I'm sure.No matter where I stand, someone can replace me,Not one will have memories especially for me. I'll be forgotten or buried deep in their minds,Not the hearts,... Continue Reading →

I build walls

People are different and they react differently to similar situations. Recently, I've come to realise that my first response to almost everything is to pull away and/or to build walls, if it concerns another human. I do believe in sharing emotions, grief and happiness, but in the end it is me and me alone who... Continue Reading →


I dunno how many of you would connect with this but I like to think that I always put up a brave front and present myself as a very strong person. Most people who know me would agree that I am emotionally stronger than most other people they know. But.. there are times when someone... Continue Reading →

Handing it over to the pseudo-feminists

Recently, a leading Company declared that it will introduce an option for 'period leaves' of 10 days for its female employees. The world is celebrating it. I didn't. Why? because this is what is against the concept of equality and feminine power. Men get x no. of sick leaves. Women get x+10. But the Women... Continue Reading →

Dark Night

Some nights are just terrible, No sleep, no rest, no peace. Twisting and turning on the bed, The brain is constantly on fire. Something seems to shatter within, The clashing noise flows out as tears. Sinking feels the heart, lumpy throat, Breathing is forced and quivering. The hand tightens itself into a fist, Burying the... Continue Reading →

Suicide, depression and isolation

Do not let another Sushant happen with your loved ones. Suicide in depression does not happen with one argument, one fight, it happens when that one incident pushes someone beyond the edge of what they can bear. The final nail in the coffin. These lockdown days are testing times for a lot of your friends... Continue Reading →

Lock your heart

Sometimes it's okay to lock your heart, Breathe and smile as if all is perfect, Set aside the fears and the pain, To remind yourself of You. You are not a mess, It's a bundle of joy sunshine, Mixed with crazy love and care. Sometimes it's okay to forget and let go. Some days are... Continue Reading →

She always tries

The distance is harrowing but she always tries: She tries to never take off the necklace he likes on her, That shiny tiny silvery thing sparkling on her neck is for him. She tries to braid her hair the way he likes everyday, So that even in her dreams, he can slide the hair strand... Continue Reading →

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