It’s past midnight..

It's past midnight and I lay awake wondering how is everyone coping. After all, it has been difficult for all of us, in fact, it still is. Once we get through all of this I am sure we will have a lot to think about and probably stories that will go on for generations. One... Continue Reading →

Scraping for the last bit

I had this sinking feeling. A phone call about someone, someone I didn't know, Incident in a stranger's life, triggered this feeling. Feeling that I am tired. Demanding, fighting, begging for every thing, Or just waiting has had me, all the time, tired. Tired of desperate scraping. For every last bit of hope, for a... Continue Reading →

The conundrum

Life often puts you in situations where you want no one to talk to, just someone to hold you. Noises annoy the hell outta you but one loving hug, a reliable friend holding hand and that's all you'll need to pour out all your emotions. I have a few people in my life who when... Continue Reading →

The winter breeze

The chills are soon to arrive, Blankets are ready, so are the coffee mugs, Coupled with books and lovely warm hugs. The colours would seem faded, Let not that make you gloomy and blue, Maybe you could glide through a book or two. The sun will set sooner, There'll be more time to count the... Continue Reading →

Let me break down

Let me break down n melt, For once, let me wail. Let me set aside the armor, And mourn for the fallen days. I know a fighter wears the scars with pride, But who says the pain isn’t felt every night? Agony weighs down upon me, I know not who else to trust, In you... Continue Reading →

I miss you, Papa

Tears have frozen but the pangs of memories are still equally painful. Missing someone you love is a feeling that makes you feel so helpless. After 13 years, I still miss my Papa, a little more with every passing day. Today is the 13th anniversary of the day he left for his heavenly abode. I... Continue Reading →

The threshold

Life has strange ways to unfold what Destiny has in store for us. But there comes a time which is like the final nail in the coffin and you know deep within that you've died. The tears freeze, appetite ends and whatever that is left of you walks around pretending all is fine. But masks... Continue Reading →

A void

Have you ever felt a void that is inexplicable. A void that exists in spite of all the happiness you feel throughout the day. A void that knocks at you soul when you hit the bed alone. No, you might not be lonely, yet you feel there's something missing when everything seems to be going... Continue Reading →

Fear n Love

Yes, I loved and loved down to the bones, And then I feared, I’d love too much. Still, nothing could stop the emotion, And he was all I thought about. That was not all, the fear grew too, The fear of losing myself to him. But the fact, I was already lost in him, I... Continue Reading →

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