Dark Night

Some nights are just terrible, No sleep, no rest, no peace. Twisting and turning on the bed, The brain is constantly on fire. Something seems to shatter within, The clashing noise flows out as tears. Sinking feels the heart, lumpy throat, Breathing is forced and quivering. The hand tightens itself into a fist, Burying the... Continue Reading →

Suicide, depression and isolation

Do not let another Sushant happen with your loved ones. Suicide in depression does not happen with one argument, one fight, it happens when that one incident pushes someone beyond the edge of what they can bear. The final nail in the coffin. These lockdown days are testing times for a lot of your friends... Continue Reading →

Lock your heart

Sometimes it's okay to lock your heart, Breathe and smile as if all is perfect, Set aside the fears and the pain, To remind yourself of You. You are not a mess, It's a bundle of joy sunshine, Mixed with crazy love and care. Sometimes it's okay to forget and let go. Some days are... Continue Reading →

She always tries

The distance is harrowing but she always tries: She tries to never take off the necklace he likes on her, That shiny tiny silvery thing sparkling on her neck is for him. She tries to braid her hair the way he likes everyday, So that even in her dreams, he can slide the hair strand... Continue Reading →

What I wish for him…

What I wish for him? (For every couple spending their days apart during this global crisis) To have someone to hold each time he spends a restless night, He'll turn, look at her sleeping next to him, smile that smile, Kiss her forehead, pull her closer and snuggle to dream again. To have someone to... Continue Reading →

Things fall apart

I'm 25 years old and have never seen anything like this before. It seems like bit by bit, things are falling apart at a rate that is unfathomable. I don't know whether to take is as Nature's way to fight back or a human flaw or even a nightmare. All I know is that this... Continue Reading →

It’s past midnight..

It's past midnight and I lay awake wondering how is everyone coping. After all, it has been difficult for all of us, in fact, it still is. Once we get through all of this I am sure we will have a lot to think about and probably stories that will go on for generations. One... Continue Reading →

Scraping for the last bit

I had this sinking feeling. A phone call about someone, someone I didn't know, Incident in a stranger's life, triggered this feeling. Feeling that I am tired. Demanding, fighting, begging for every thing, Or just waiting has had me, all the time, tired. Tired of desperate scraping. For every last bit of hope, for a... Continue Reading →

The conundrum

Life often puts you in situations where you want no one to talk to, just someone to hold you. Noises annoy the hell outta you but one loving hug, a reliable friend holding hand and that's all you'll need to pour out all your emotions. I have a few people in my life who when... Continue Reading →

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