“I miss you” – Chapter 1 – Diary of a Hardcore Romantic

The night was dull and free of deadlines after a busy fortnight. With the laptop tilted towards one side, I lay watching a movie. After a few scenes, I sat up against the corner of the bed and sensing that I’m awake, Dolu (my dog) nestled her way into my lap forcing the laptop to... Continue Reading →



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I know… I know not…

I know not your language. I know not your joys or your sorrows. I know not your taste. I know I feel for you. I know I miss you every minute. I know you're my home. I know not your lifestyle. I know not your friends and foes. I know not your culture. I know... Continue Reading →

Discover yourself?

Have you been through one of those days or moments when you really want to cry, your heart tears up into a thousand pieces, yet you're not able to shed a single tear out of your eye? Has it ever happened that you've been in a crowd, with friends and family yet you feel alienated?... Continue Reading →


For some these are burdensome. For some others these are strength and inspiration. For certain others these are bondage and painful. And for yet others these are temporary games of deceit. What do I believe? Neither of them. I'm afraid of attachments and am now pulling the strings off. As many as I can.

I am new

I now value my own existence, No more dependent on anyone. I now focus on persistence, No more I see what is lost or won. I prefer the calmness, Noise disrupts my thoughts. I prefer the profoundness, Untangling a number of knots.


The silent breeze fans my face brushes my hair, And I feel as if he just passed by. The patter of the rain reminds me of the kiss, And I melt in the memories of it. The glimmering starry sky speaks to me of him, And I send tokens of my love to him. Each... Continue Reading →

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