What did they miss?

What was gone?

The glimmer in his eyes and the blush on her cheek that appeared when he remarked, “I still smell of you.”

The relief in their thoughts when they woke up in each others arms.

The smiles they shared when someone else said how perfect they looked together.

The love with which he waited for her with a red rose.

The dead fierceness with which they defended each other when someone tried to mess up.

The eyes that once filled with pride when they said, “I’m his” or “I’m hers”.

The essence of the moments when their brief dates had to end, with tears in her eyes and his hands holding her, none wishing to let go.

The giggles they earned when their friends teased them for each other.

The endless blackmails just to make the other one eat and sleep on time.

Those silly but innumerable voice notes.

The love was gone. All that stayed were memories that scarred their souls.


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