Describing him – Chapter 2 – Diary of a Hardcore Romantic

#First Date In A Long Distance Relationship

I walked out of the airport, nervous and uneasy. New place, new language, and incredible friends. Lots of things were running through my mind, constantly fiddling with my phone, someone moving towards me caught my attention. My heart skipped a beat and before I realised I was in his embrace and had a bunch of roses in my hand. It made my world stop. A few moments of awkwardness followed but by then I was already noticing him, every inch of him. He brought an end to a long period of writer’s block that I was going through.

His eyes, a soulful reflection of his innocence and sincerity. The smile that brightens up my world and the laughter that can bring me alive. He was calm, I wasn’t. I was waiting for the dimple to appear so that I can admire it from the closest I’ve been to him. And it did. It was as charming as it could be. On out way to the restaurant for breakfast, I was waiting for the ice to break between us. It did happen but just in the way we didn’t miss the chance to look at each other. Or at least I didn’t. Even the pictures proved our chemistry. The time in the hotel room made us more comfortable with each other and marked a new beginning that unfolded ‘us’.

I don’t know how it happened, but I was myself around him, just so naturally comfortable. Our fingers entwined appeared to be perfect. His mere presence made me feel secure. It was as if no problem could affect us when we’re together. Spontaneously I would lean on him, pull him close to me, hold his hands, sleep on him (like literally) and feel so happy about everything. Being highly insomniac, it came to me as a surprise that I slept absolutely like a baby when with him, in his arms to be precise. Some other things are so obvious about us because I’m writing about him at 3 am.

The time we spent on the beach was a memory for lifetime no matter how many new memories we create, together or apart. I could’ve spent a lifetime there with you. I’d take it as our first date. I had never seen you so closely. The focus, the way you handle work along with handling me full time for those 4 days. It was awesome and I can’t thank you enough for it ever. I so wish to curl up beside you all over again, feel your breath on my face, let his fingers run over my body, let our bodies brush and cuddle up closer.

It is amazing how I’m so happy when I’m with him.



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