What randomness!

Going by the fact that unheard music is the sweetest, here’s me noting down a few moments of life, the music of which make life a bit more beautiful.

  • The loud laughter of a group of friends and the silent giggles of two.
  • The tic tok of her high heels and the noise of his running shoes.
  • The sweet sound of her ankle bells and his melodious whistle.
  • The hurried breakfast time clinking of utensils and peaceful clearing of dishes at dinner.
  • The rustling of the leaves and thunder of the lightning.
  • The drops of rain on the window and the frying of snacks in oil.
  • Her barking when she sees after a few hours and the chirp of birds.
  • The running water of hot shower and the shiver after a cold bath.

These just add a spark in our lives which we often fail to notice.


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