Round peg in a square hole

Alien to my surroundings, Suffocated around people, Unfamiliar with love and Strangely effectively alive. Ambushed amongst friends Searching for peace within I take to myself as a project To accept and evolve myself. Having meals all by myself, With books and music I rejuvenate whatever is lost To make myself worthy of the greater Preparing... Continue Reading →


What randomness!

Going by the fact that unheard music is the sweetest, here's me noting down a few moments of life, the music of which make life a bit more beautiful. The loud laughter of a group of friends and the silent giggles of two. The tic tok of her high heels and the noise of his... Continue Reading →


Addictions are many, worthy are few, Starting from books to the scent of You. I long for bedtime stories and cuddles, Coming from the lands of dream n trouble.

Depression Diaries #1

I do make efforts to lead a normal life, But life seems to be put on a blade of knife. It is a task to even sit up on the bed, Bathing and eating give a aching head. Each day I lay collecting my random thoughts, Trying to untangle the irrational burdensome knots. The birds... Continue Reading →


The mind rumbled with thoughts uneven, I decided to brew a few linesĀ  to clear the cluster. Getting my favourite mug, gathering the ideas, The bubbling hot water in the kettle iced my nerves. The aroma of blending bean powder with sugar, Stirs up the words and metaphors in my head. Hot water in the... Continue Reading →

When I look closer

When I look at the stars, I see them twinkling with joy, When I look closer, I see them burning with fire that ignites memories of pain. When I look at a baby, I see the innocent smile, When I look closer, I see the reflection of the sacrifices made by their parents. When I... Continue Reading →

I know… I know not…

I know not your language. I know not your joys or your sorrows. I know not your taste. I know I feel for you. I know I miss you every minute. I know you're my home. I know not your lifestyle. I know not your friends and foes. I know not your culture. I know... Continue Reading →


For some these are burdensome. For some others these are strength and inspiration. For certain others these are bondage and painful. And for yet others these are temporary games of deceit. What do I believe? Neither of them. I'm afraid of attachments and am now pulling the strings off. As many as I can.

I am new

I now value my own existence, No more dependent on anyone. I now focus on persistence, No more I see what is lost or won. I prefer the calmness, Noise disrupts my thoughts. I prefer the profoundness, Untangling a number of knots.

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