In a crowded street, a face struck A warm smile directed towards me. Curiously I stared as she walked closer "Hi, I am Life." And so I met her. Awestruck, she looked familiar yet unidentifiable "Oh dear, you are me! Just like me but prettier and older!" I almost shrieked and she giggled away. "I... Continue Reading →


Round peg in a square hole

Alien to my surroundings, Suffocated around people, Unfamiliar with love and Strangely effectively alive. Ambushed amongst friends Searching for peace within I take to myself as a project To accept and evolve myself. Having meals all by myself, With books and music I rejuvenate whatever is lost To make myself worthy of the greater Preparing... Continue Reading →

My identity

I think of you in every moment that I'm alone, Each time I breathe, your smell captures my soul I close my eyes and your face blinds my senses On reopening it, tears express my helplessness I dunno what to do in those moments When I crave for your presence, your touch When I hug... Continue Reading →

What did they miss?

What was gone? The glimmer in his eyes and the blush on her cheek that appeared when he remarked, "I still smell of you." The relief in their thoughts when they woke up in each others arms. The smiles they shared when someone else said how perfect they looked together. The love with which he... Continue Reading →


Silence is nowhere, yet you feel it deep within yourself. The crowds hustle, the children scream and birds chirp, Still a silence lingers on, growing deep within yourself. Still you search for silence, that is not the one within you. The one that gives a peaceful night's sleep n genuine smile, You search for that... Continue Reading →

Depression Diaries #1

I do make efforts to lead a normal life, But life seems to be put on a blade of knife. It is a task to even sit up on the bed, Bathing and eating give a aching head. Each day I lay collecting my random thoughts, Trying to untangle the irrational burdensome knots. The birds... Continue Reading →

When I look closer

When I look at the stars, I see them twinkling with joy, When I look closer, I see them burning with fire that ignites memories of pain. When I look at a baby, I see the innocent smile, When I look closer, I see the reflection of the sacrifices made by their parents. When I... Continue Reading →

When it ends

Whenever any relationship ends, be it familial or romantic or friendly, there's one heart that breaks into more and tinier pieces than the other. It then takes more time to heal or maybe doesn't heal ever. No two people experience the exact same agony over the same issue. Life is complex and intimidating when it... Continue Reading →

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