When I look closer

When I look at the stars, I see them twinkling with joy, When I look closer, I see them burning with fire that ignites memories of pain. When I look at a baby, I see the innocent smile, When I look closer, I see the reflection of the sacrifices made by their parents. When I... Continue Reading →


Discover yourself?

Have you been through one of those days or moments when you really want to cry, your heart tears up into a thousand pieces, yet you're not able to shed a single tear out of your eye? Has it ever happened that you've been in a crowd, with friends and family yet you feel alienated?... Continue Reading →

And then she left…

No more could she wait for love, No more could family know her tales, No more could friendship make her stay, No one knew what from her mind hails. She didn't tell what went wrong where, She giggled as usual, she talked to all, She wrote a happy saga every now and then, And finally... Continue Reading →

क्या कहें! 

एक ही चेहरे के पीछे शक्सियत तो बहुत छुपी होतीं हैं, किसी के लिएे फारिश्ता, तो किसी के लिएे शैतान होती हैं। क्या कहें इस दुनिया के बाशिन्दों के बारे में, हर इंसान में खूबियों और कामियों की खान होती है।  वक्त वक्त पर बदलते चेहरों को पहचन्ना मुश्किल होता है, कभी मुस्कुराने वाले बुरे... Continue Reading →

The turmoil

​The heart was struck with tears, And the mind was numb with shock. No one understood her run for dreams, For she was a girl soon to be married. The day of her engagement was fixed, She hadn't even met the boy once, And a storm of thoughts grew in her, Gnawing at her dreams... Continue Reading →

True happiness?!

Grumbling at the taxi driver, he hurriedly crossed the road to avoid spoiling his suit. Even after reaching the covered pavement, he kept on mumbling about how the inconsiderate driver refused to drop him on the other side of the road. Rapt in his thoughts he mistakenly stepped into a small puddle. Before he could... Continue Reading →

Smirk of the Fate

They stepped down from their limousine. She walked past by me, caressing her Gucci bag with love as if it were a handsome puppy and her husband followed close behind fidgeting with his smart phone. Their way was interrupted by a little boy, barefoot in the scorching heat, asking for something to eat. He pleaded... Continue Reading →

Six word stories

Words that will leave a mark!  I cried and sent him away. Bidding him goodbye, killed me again. He loves her, she wasn't her. Things changed, their love did not. His touch burnt, her heart crumbled. #Rape She couldn't breathe, she wasn't “him” . #FemaleInfanticide Living together couldn't happen, death could. #HonorKilling

Guilt ridden!

​I followed her into the misty moonlit forest. She, a pure soul, led me to guilt and sorrow, For I had done nothing to save her. I let her die even before she was born, Just because she was not “him”. #femalefoeticide

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