Life is a game which is also a gamble with every move you make. Be it pawns or knights or Kings or Queens, all are a part of the same game. And the best part? We might be the king or queen in our own version of life, but at the same time we play... Continue Reading →


Discover yourself?

Have you been through one of those days or moments when you really want to cry, your heart tears up into a thousand pieces, yet you're not able to shed a single tear out of your eye? Has it ever happened that you've been in a crowd, with friends and family yet you feel alienated?... Continue Reading →


For some these are burdensome. For some others these are strength and inspiration. For certain others these are bondage and painful. And for yet others these are temporary games of deceit. What do I believe? Neither of them. I'm afraid of attachments and am now pulling the strings off. As many as I can.


I define togetherness as a feeling of comfort and belonging-ness even after miles of actual distance between two people. It is an understanding that two people share making them feel so closely knit yet as far as the ends of a river. It is a bond that makes one happy to make sacrifices for the... Continue Reading →

Another sleepless night

Another night spent without a drop of sleep. The eyes stayed open with a hope to dream, The mind lay awake with a plan to scream. But none could mar my thoughts so deep. I know not how the seconds ticked by. The wall seemed a canvas to paint, The roof looked like a sunlit... Continue Reading →


It is not a situation or circumstance, it is a feeling. A feeling that makes one feel lost, suffocated, lonely and dysfunctional, all at once. It is no better than being dead. No, it is not felt only when one loses one's parents, it is an emotional fire that is ignited after a lot of... Continue Reading →

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