Addictions are many, worthy are few, Starting from books to the scent of You. I long for bedtime stories and cuddles, Coming from the lands of dream n trouble.


The night flower

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Depression Diaries #1

I do make efforts to lead a normal life, But life seems to be put on a blade of knife. It is a task to even sit up on the bed, Bathing and eating give a aching head. Each day I lay collecting my random thoughts, Trying to untangle the irrational burdensome knots. The birds... Continue Reading →


Life is a game which is also a gamble with every move you make. Be it pawns or knights or Kings or Queens, all are a part of the same game. And the best part? We might be the king or queen in our own version of life, but at the same time we play... Continue Reading →


The mind rumbled with thoughts uneven, I decided to brew a few lines  to clear the cluster. Getting my favourite mug, gathering the ideas, The bubbling hot water in the kettle iced my nerves. The aroma of blending bean powder with sugar, Stirs up the words and metaphors in my head. Hot water in the... Continue Reading →

When I look closer

When I look at the stars, I see them twinkling with joy, When I look closer, I see them burning with fire that ignites memories of pain. When I look at a baby, I see the innocent smile, When I look closer, I see the reflection of the sacrifices made by their parents. When I... Continue Reading →

When it ends

Whenever any relationship ends, be it familial or romantic or friendly, there's one heart that breaks into more and tinier pieces than the other. It then takes more time to heal or maybe doesn't heal ever. No two people experience the exact same agony over the same issue. Life is complex and intimidating when it... Continue Reading →


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