What randomness!

Going by the fact that unheard music is the sweetest, here's me noting down a few moments of life, the music of which make life a bit more beautiful. The loud laughter of a group of friends and the silent giggles of two. The tic tok of her high heels and the noise of his... Continue Reading →


Describing him – Chapter 2 – Diary of a Hardcore Romantic

#First Date In A Long Distance Relationship I walked out of the airport, nervous and uneasy. New place, new language, and incredible friends. Lots of things were running through my mind, constantly fiddling with my phone, someone moving towards me caught my attention. My heart skipped a beat and before I realised I was in... Continue Reading →

What did they miss?

What was gone? The glimmer in his eyes and the blush on her cheek that appeared when he remarked, "I still smell of you." The relief in their thoughts when they woke up in each others arms. The smiles they shared when someone else said how perfect they looked together. The love with which he... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Here's my first entry to "Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge". This week's topic is Liquid Drinks (hot or cold). I chose to enter this challenge with these pictures for this was one of the most brilliant coffees I've ever had - Delhi Airport, almost at 3 am. Holds a lot of memories.


Silence is nowhere, yet you feel it deep within yourself. The crowds hustle, the children scream and birds chirp, Still a silence lingers on, growing deep within yourself. Still you search for silence, that is not the one within you. The one that gives a peaceful night's sleep n genuine smile, You search for that... Continue Reading →


Addictions are many, worthy are few, Starting from books to the scent of You. I long for bedtime stories and cuddles, Coming from the lands of dream n trouble.

Depression Diaries #1

I do make efforts to lead a normal life, But life seems to be put on a blade of knife. It is a task to even sit up on the bed, Bathing and eating give a aching head. Each day I lay collecting my random thoughts, Trying to untangle the irrational burdensome knots. The birds... Continue Reading →


Life is a game which is also a gamble with every move you make. Be it pawns or knights or Kings or Queens, all are a part of the same game. And the best part? We might be the king or queen in our own version of life, but at the same time we play... Continue Reading →

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